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Start your business, faster

Online courses, custom landing pages and payment portals built to jumpstart your business 

Keep what you earn

Collect payment from your customers securely with Stripe or PayPal. Set up payment directly to your accounts in minutes.  Best of all, we don’t collect any commissions from you or your customers.

Custom landing page

Drive your potential customers and prospects to your beautiful custom landing page.

Let your greatness shine

Create an unlimited number listings for your product or services and a personal profile. Your customers can pay you directly from your listings.

F/B Homepage


Starting a business can be scary and downright overwhelming, not to mention incredibly risky. What if no one wants your products or services? With a custom landing page from Abido, you can test your business idea without spending time or money developing a website. With our online payment portals, your early adopters will have no trouble paying for your innovative product or service.


List your products or services on your personal profile


Send your clients and prospects to your custom landing page.

Get Paid

Customers pay you directly from your listing. No commissions.

How it works

$25 /mo

Unlimited listings

Custom landing page

Payment portals with Stripe and PayPal

Not sure where to start?

Create a Value Proposition

Identify your Ideal Customer

Validate your Idea

And Much More!

Simple pricing

No commissions.

Keep what you earn.

Prove your concept.

Watch your business grow.

Cancel at any point.

No commitment.


Epic Pharmacy Consulting

Upgrade your hospital pharmacy through innovative Epic Solutions

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