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Drug Shortage

Drug shortages are the new reality in medicine today. Limit the clinical and operational impact of drug shortages using Epic functionality already available in your system.

Clinical Efficiency Tools

Powerful clinical tools like SmartPhrases, Patient Lists and Reporting Workbench can be independently developed by the pharmacy team, no tickets required. Boost pharmacist productivity as early as today.

Dose Automation

Automation is the key to clinical and operational standardization. Unlock Epic’s automation to ensure that every patient receives safe and optimal drug therapy.

Dispensing Tools

Wish you could track medications end to end like FedEx tracks packages? Now that is possible with Dispense Prep, Check and Track. Reduce missing doses, increase patient safety, and generate discrete data ready for analysis.

Lean Med Preparation

Apply Lean methodology to batch and cart fills using cart automation and Dispense Queue. Reduce drug waste and missing doses while optimizing staff efficiency.

Meds to Beds

There are not many opportunities to actually increase pharmacy department revenue, but a meds to beds program is one of them. Meds to beds programs have also been shown to increase patient compliance and reduce readmissions.

Beacon Optimization

Been live on Beacon for a couple of years but still clinging to the paper road maps? Unlock Beacon’s potential and let go of paper charts for good.

Other projects?

Have another project that is stuck on the launch pad? Let us help map out the next steps and provide a project plan that gets results.

Just need a hand?

Epic build is complex and time consuming. Sometimes the in house build team just needs another set of hands. Ask us about our expert remote build assistance.

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