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Epic Certified Consultant


A Slack community dedicated to the Epic certified consultants who make Epic projects possible

Why join the Epic Certified Consultant Community?

Our Epic world is changing and now larger than ever. It's time we had a place to share our ideas and experiences.

Designed for Consultants

Each member is vetted as an Epic certified consultant. No recruiters, customers, vendors, or credentialed members. Designed so we can speak freely with each other about firms to avoid, changing Epic functionality, or anything else without fear of backlash. 

Platform to Share Knowledge

Each project has its own set of challenges which allows us the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. Through this community, we can now share our expertise with each other and help each other grow our skillsets even further.

Opportunity to Take Control

As a group, our collective network is the largest in the Epic space. Together as a community we can leverage this network to help each other maximize our opportunities and take control of our industry.

Request to Join

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Requst to Join
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