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How to search listings

Searching available listings is easy and can be done in a couple of ways.

  1. Search bar - if you are looking for something specific, the search bar will find any content in a listing title or description.  The search bar is located at the top of the screen.


  2. Filter side bar - Filtering using the side bar will allow you to narrow down the listings to the discrete categories you need.

    1. Start by selecting what you are looking for.  For example if you are looking for a job, select “Organization”.  If you are looking for a consultant, select “Consultant”.

    2. From here you can further narrow down the listings using any number of parameters.

    3. Once you have selected your filters, click “Update view” to refresh your listings.

    4. That’s it!  Browse to your content.

How to create a listing as an Organization

  1. Select “Create a listing” in the upper right hand corner of the homepage

  2. Select “Organization”

  3. From here you can select either “Jobs” or “Projects”

    1. Jobs - Use this type of posting for a general job opening.  In the job description, list the job title, for example Willow Analyst.

      1. Detailed description - Enter your job description.  Briefly describe all of the skills your consultant will need to have in order to be successful in this role.  This field is not meant to be a full on job board type description.  Just like you would not read a 5 page CV, consultants will not read large blocks of generic text.

      2. Job duration - How long do you need a consultant?

      3. Enter desired Epic applicationsWork type and availability.

      4. Abido will automatically detect your location or you can enter your location here.

      5. Images - Adding your organization logo helps differentiate your listing from your competitors.

      6. Click “Save Listing”.  Congratulations, you posted a job!
        View example HERE

    2. Projects - This type of listing is meant for specific projects with an end goal in mind.  These can range from simple maintenance projects like monthly med load data to major optimization projects like building out Antimicrobial Stewardship.

      1. Listing title - Be as specific as possible, like “May Medispan med-load”, or “Antimicrobial stewardship navigator build”

      2. Detailed description - for projects the following format is best practice:

        1. Project goal - “I need Epic to do X, so I can do Y”

        2. Current state - What the organization is doing currently

        3. Ideal state - How you envision the process after the project is done

        4. Impacted End users - What types of staff will be affected by the project? (RNs, MDs, Medical Coders, etc)

        5. Success criteria - These should be measurable and achievable goals for the project.

      3. Duration - How long do you anticipate this project lasting?

      4. Select Epic applications, work type and availability.

      5. Abido will automatically detect your location or you can enter it here.

      6. Images - Adding your organization logo helps differentiate your listing from your competitors

      7. Click “Save Listing”.  Congratulations, you posted a project!
        View example HERE

How to hire a consultant

Great, you have found a consultant you would like to hire!  Now what?  Before hitting the request button, you can contact the consultant in one of two ways:

  1. Public comment - this is meant for general questions about the consultant’s experience, proposed project, or availability.  Basically anything that may benefit other organizations looking for a similar consultant.


  2. Private message - When getting down to the nitty gritty, it is best to contact your consultant directly through Abido.  Here you can work out the details of the contract, including total billable hours and deliverables.


  3. When you are ready to make an offer, enter the total number of hours of the contract.  If you and your consultant have a longer term contract and have agreed to split payment over installments, keep in mind that you will have to come back to their listing for each installment.

  4. You can pay your consultant by using a major credit card or through your PayPal account.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, they are free to set up and can be linked directly to your corporate account.

  5. Payment is not complete until your consultant accepts the project.  

  6. Complete your project.  After your consultant has finished the work, mark the project as complete in Abido.  You then will have the opportunity to rate your experience with your consultant.

  7. Find your next consultant, and get your projects done!

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