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Code of Conduct


Last revised: February 2017



Abido Network connects highly skilled healthcare IT professionals and an innovative staffing model to healthcare organizations of all kinds. While our Network provides opportunities to organizations and professionals, the success of every project is dependent on the conduct of the individuals.

The Abido Network Terms of Service specify the baseline legal guidelines of participating in the Abido Network, and incorporate this Code of Conduct by reference, which is a document designed to ensure a shared standard for engagement through the network and an alignment between Abido Network and its users. In accordance with the Terms of Service, users who diverge from this Code may be barred from using Abido Network either temporarily or permanently, depending on the seriousness of the breach. Abido Network will update this policy regularly, though there may be unforeseen situations leading to account deactivation that are not listed in this policy.

Professionalism and Quality


Professionals using the Abido Network should expect correspondence to be delivered by clients professionally and in good faith. Similarly, Abido Network clients should expect to engage with professionals producing high-quality work. Maintaining a high standard for network engagement leads to better outcomes and more opportunities for clients and experts to engage. In addition to potential account deactivation causes set forth in the Terms of Service, Abido Network reserves the right to deactivate accounts for breaches of professionalism and quality as deemed by Abido Network representatives.

Fraud and Misrepresentation


Abido Network expects all users to adhere to the following guidelines and will permanently deactivate any account associated with fraudulent activity. Specifically:

  • All information on a user’s profile must be true and accurate. Users agree to provide Abido Network with accurate and complete biographical information, including job status and employment history, and to promptly update that information as it changes. Abido Network may verify information provided by or about a user. If requested, users must assist Abido Network in this process.

  • Professionals bidding on projects must fully disclose the resources responsible for completing project work. Any change in resources must be disclosed to the client as soon as possible, even if there is no change in total project cost.

  • Clients posting projects must fully disclose context that is relevant and critical to a professional’s ability to successfully complete a project.

  • Project work must not include misrepresentation or fraudulent creation of data. The professional is required to disclose any sources used for project work upon request from the client or Abido Network.

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